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: Sankyo Co.,LTD Head office 1-10-4 Itachibori Nishiku,550-0012 Osaka,Japan DearMr.Pastoukhov Thank you very much for visiting ourstand at St. Petersburg Technical Fair 2008 March 11-14 and taking a look at our products. It was our pleasure to meet you for the first time And it was also the first time for SANKYO to exhibit our products at St. Petersburg Technical Fair 2008 . Therefore we are very excited about your response and further requests. Sankyo Co.LTD looking for representative/ distributor /proxy in Russia. Our company is proud to present for the first timefor Russian market Hydraulic equipment such as Hydraulic pumps(Hand-, foot-, motor-, engine-, air-operated, Boosters)Hydraulic cylinders(Single-, double-acting, center-hole, jacking, etc.)Hydraulic valves(Directional, pressure, flow control, stacked, etc.)Hydraulic accessories(Gauges, switches, branches, couplers, hoses,)Hydraulic tools(Torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, presses, pullers, etc.)200MPa series(Pumps, cylinders, valves, accessories)100MPa series(Pumps, hoses, couplers)Aluminum series(Hand-operated pumps, cylinders, spherical heads *For detailed catalog on Hydraulic equipment please see the follow website: see the catalog please click onNo.75E RIKEN Web Catalogue *The price list will be send by mail after specific request. POWER TOOLS ACCESSORIES Such as Replacement Blade  CORE BITS: Such as “Dragon Diamond Core Bit”-Dry type-Without water “Multi Double Tipped Core Bit” *The detailed catalog and price list on Power Tools Accessories Will be send by mail by specific request. In today's international business world, good communication may be the difference between success and failure. The interface between Japanese manufactures and overseas customers can be quite a hurdle. Sankyo Co., LTD, with its long experience and established network, is able to provide this interface and respond quickly and flexibly. From its establishment in 1946 as an exporter and importer of industrial equipment and machinery tools, Sankyo Co., LTD has contributed significantly to the success of overseas customers and manufacturers in penetrating Japan's unique and difficult market. Our company based on the following principles: * High-Quality *Innovation *Reliability *Offering our customers the most suitable solutions forproduction, development, service and maintenance In the spirit of keeping you in the loop regarding future developments at Sankyo, we have added you to our mailing list. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the case of any further questions you may have or more specific information you may need. Best regards, Maria Bar ******************************** SANKYO CO.,LTD. Development Dept Maria Bar Email: TEL +810 6-6531-8831 FAX +810 6-6541-0613 Head office 1-10-4 Itachibori Nishiku,550-0012 Osaka,Japan
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